Oven Cleaning Service Basingstoke & the Surrounding Area

Professional Oven Cleaning Service in Basingstoke & North Hampshire

At Ovenz, we understand that keeping your oven clean isn’t easy, and its certainly not fun. Thats why we strive to give the best possible oven cleaning service we can.

Whilst Do-It-Yourself oven cleaning products are toxic,  our innovative non-toxic, non-caustic cleaning procedure is 100% safe for you and your family. We can remove all of the grease, fat and food your oven accumulates over time and get your oven looking brand new, the safe and hassle free way.

The whole procedure takes a little under 2 hours, is completely safe and you can use your appliances immediately after the cleaning process, causing minimal disruption to your home and daily routine. So, why wait?

Contact us today and let Ovenz do the dirty work for you!

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