The Eco, Vegan-Friendly Cleaning Process

Although the oven cleaning products we use are awesome, cleaning an oven does require some good old fashioned elbow grease.  Below, we give you an idea of what to expect when having your oven cleaned by us.

Protect area and property

The first step in cleaning your oven is to simply protect the floor around the oven with heavy duty dust sheets. This way we can be sure not to damage your floor when dismantling your oven for cleaning.

Inspect oven for damage

We then inspect the oven to make sure both ourselves and the customer are aware of any pre clean damage or defects which may have occurred. This protects ourselves against liability issues should they arise.

Dismantling the oven

Bit by bit, we then remove any removable parts from the oven to ensure the oven is cleaned thoroughly. This includes the door and glass.


Any parts that have been removed are then dipped and soaked in our Eco-Tank to remove carbon and grease

Oven clean

The oven is then cleaned by hand and hard work. This is where our eco friendly cleaning products really has its time to shine.


Once removing all the grease and carbon is complete, we then polish the ovens shell and door till its looking brand new again.


Once the polish has the oven looking brand new, we then go out to our dip tank, remove the soaking oven parts and simply put the oven back together.

The whole process usually takes about 2 hours for a normal oven, and with non toxic products used, you can use your oven immediately after the clean. Causing minimal disruption to your daily routine.

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